Real Estate Marketing for Agents

Real estate lead generation can make a break a real estate lead. When a real estate marketing strategy is implemented correctly, leads can be produced infinitely throughout ones career.

Traditional marketing for agents used to mean postcards, flyers, maybe some tv commercials or radio announcements. In today’s technology driven consumer market, the shift has been to online marketing. The most important real estate marketing strategy lies of course with knowing exactly who is your target market. If you’re primarily servicing an area with homeowners in their 50′s then mixing traditional with new technologies is smart. If you’re focusing on the younger generation, then you better be ready to provide information on a mobile smartphone.

Let us show you a few statistics that may catch you off guard and rethink your marketing campaigns.

web traffic by mobile phones 78% increase in mobile traffic in 1 Year

If you’re not using a responsive web design for your website, you’re probably missing out on a large amount of traffic.  Too many people drive around looking for homes that use their smartphones to get the latest information on the local marketing.  It takes a home buyer 30 seconds to view pictures on a home they just drove by and can bypass the agent for information.  But if they like that house, you better be ready to capture that lead in a very easy to use mobile ready website.

Is your IDX integration mobile friendly? Do they allow users to easily contact you when they drive by your house thats for sale? If not, way past time to start looking for a better provider.